Trav Goulter


I love teaching because it’s a profession that enables you to make a real difference. A difference in the lives of your students, families and colleagues. I became a teacher because during my schooling I unfortunately had some terrible teachers. I wanted to be everything they weren’t!
What do I enjoy about my role…where do I start? I enjoy the challenge of engaging students and providing the platform for them to be the best they can be, I love the opportunities teaching provides such as camps, I enjoy the friendships I have made in education and I enjoy that to be the best educator I can be I have to keep on learning!
A new strategy that is really gaining traction is the use of gamification in enhancing behaviour. It is wonderful to see the school community embracing digital technologies to promote and reward the behaviours and attitudes we want to see in our students.
I support change in my school by role modelling the attitudes and mindset required to make change, supporting educators to take risks and asking what needs to change, why it needs to change and how are WE going to make it happen.
Digital technology improves my practice on a range of levels – from providing the tools to engaging learners, work collaboratively and connect with educators and strengthen my professional learning community.
Not necessarily a struggle but something I have been looking into is utilising drones in primary education. Everyone seems to think it is cool but there doesn’t seem to be many great units, ideas and/or learning communities out there…
Although my knees tell me to stop being passionate about it, I do love basketball. Played for 24 years and counting and I’m an avid fan of the NBA and NBL. Great to see the Brisbane Bullets back!