Robie Jayawardhana


I love teaching because I love people and believe in their capacity to improve and grow.. I became a teacher because I enjoy being a part of someone’s journey and believe I have a manner which helps others find the best in themselves. In my current role, I lead a team whose focus is supporting the work of teachers. Giving students a window to the web has been the highest priority for my team. It has led to: – a one-eyed pursuit of decent bandwidth to our schools; – a platform agnostic approach to device support; – our educators recognising that once you shift to the browser, the Australian Curriculum’s call to be creative, communicative, collaborative and inquisitive can be achieved with a $280 Chromebook or a $2400 Surface pro and everything in-between; – a ‘power to the learner’ philosophy when ICTs are being integrated into learning. I am very excited about the possibilities ICTs bring for re-imagining the relationships between teacher and student. What would the Uberization of education look like? Imagine classrooms if our focus shifted from learning management to learning liberation? My team wants to be defining these transformations rather than wondering “why didn’t we see that coming?”