Nicole Spence


In my years of being an educator, one thing has always remained the same, my passion for student voice, engagement and wellbeing. I continue to evaluate, improve and educate myself to keep my teaching philosophy current and fresh. I have become increasingly interested and passionate about the STEM, STEAM, Maker Movement. Working with like minded peers, following innovative speakers and educators in schools and on Social Media has fuelled my desire to implement a student motivated, student driven project based session. This is why I implemented ‘TinkerTime’. TinkerTime is for any and everyone, there is something that will excite, challenge and educate all who are involved. Every student, teacher and parent participating leaves TinkerTime excited, motivated and with something new to share. We have carried out a variety of science, art and engineering learning experiences that capture the audience every week. I believe that it should carry through all learning and not just one hour a week, however I will take what I can get and value every engaging minute. I hope you enjoy my presentation, offer me suggestions and implement your own ‘TinkerTime’!