Michael Drezek


As a District Technology Integration Specialist and Teacher Leader I have the incredible opportunity to lead change within our schools. Ultimately, it is my goal that the impact taking place inside of our classroom walls will lead to change beyond these walls. As an educator and leader, I aim to be the driver of this change while allowing technology to act as the accelerator. In my role, I support teachers in stepping out of their comfort zones while integrating technology. This collaboration and support has led to incredible learning experiences. There are far too many to list and this continues to be my main motivation. Many of these experiences have evolved out of connections made with like-minded, forward-thinking educators around the globe willing to take risks while sharing their experiences to their PLN. Just as technology is creating incredible opportunity for students to wonder, explore, learn, create and share, it is doing the just same for educators. Taking advantage of this expands our impact. Get connected, learn from others, make mistakes, discover new possibilities, and share your experiences with the world. The field of education, and the world around us can only benefit.