Matthew Esterman


Teaching is the most valuable profession in the world. It can set minds on fire and expand our universe in ways unimaginable to others. Great teachers know how to support, to engage, to excite and to push as needed. Great education can set whole groups free from a life of ignorance, intolerance and impotence to make one’s own life have meaning.
But teaching also needs to be supported, to be celebrated, to be accountable but also to be respected. Many changes have come, are coming and will come through the profession, in particular as technology marches or sprints towards an undefined future. The role of teachers should be to make professional judgements as to what technology to use and when. The role of technology leaders should be to support, to inform and to truly lead sustainable and appropriate change in their schools.
I am passionate about helping people find and build the best path for them, their colleagues and their students. Often the answers are all there: it just takes a good conversation to unlock them.