Matt Miller


I hear people say, “I wouldn’t suggest that anyone get into education right now with all the frustrations that teachers face and all the negative policies.” I have to disagree. I think now is an exciting time to be in education! We have more access to people, places and experiences than ever. We can communicate with practically anyone (with an Internet connection) face to face. This exposes our students to perspectives and experiences they never had access to before, breaking down the four walls of our classrooms. We have new best practices in education coming out all the time, giving us new ideas and helping us to transform teaching and learning in our schools. Plus, we have access to some of the best and brightest minds in education. With social media and other digital communication tools, we can ask questions, exchange teaching ideas and debate education philosophy with practically anyone around the world. We’re more equipped to provide students with the best education possible than we ever have been in history. This is why I’m passionate about education and will continue to steer young people toward the greatest profession – education.