Leighann Ness Wilson


In my role as the STEAM Education Officer at QUT, The Cube, I facilitate and develop programs for middle-years school groups on excursion to the university. Students explore authentic topics framed within real world scenarios. We use various technologies that are positioned as a learning tool, not a learning outcome. Each week I meet educators who are passionate, open, honest and above all dedicated. I ask about their approaches and I hear about the challenges; such as having to learn new skills themselves. Many teachers, of course do amazing things within their schools and have done for years. This said, I also meet many who are coming to terms with a myriad of technology they are aiming, or feeling pressure to incorporate into their teaching. Rather than feel overwhelmed or intimidated by this, it can be helpful to acknowledge that technology itself will continue to evolve. Perhaps it is not the rush to purchase and master the latest technology that is crucial here. Perhaps it is a shift in pedagogy that might allow us to better navigate the challenges of 21st century teaching and learning.