Kara Ngu


The world of education is a really exciting place and I feel extremely grateful to be immersed within it. I’m currently working in an amazing independent school in Victoria in which a culture of improvement drives me to extend myself daily. Contemporary learning spaces excite me. I’ve been teaching Year Six in a building that promotes new generation learning. This building offers flexible spaces that challenge teacher pedagogies, allow for personalized learning opportunities and student choice. I feel that the use of technology really flourishes in these environments. Excitement for me is seeing my students working together in spaces that promote collaboration whilst they input into shared documents and mirror to their nearest screen to share. Or sending the class off to work individually, watching them choose different locations that suit their needs whilst I observe their screen action and provide feedback from afar. This combination of environment and clever tech use has definitely resulted in incredibly independent, self-directed learners. Simply using technology doesn’t make us good educators but getting a little creative and re-imagining how it can be implemented in different environments can make all the difference!