Julie Woodard


Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be part of such a glorious gathering of outstanding educators around our globe. I am a general education teacher who, for the last several years, has taught our 6th grade Social Studies Course, Contemporary World Cultures. Additionally, I am often the Writing teacher, as I am this year. My recent role as an edudoodler, sketchnoter, or edugraphic artist, has literally opened my world beyond my imagination. I’m globally connected in new ways, with authors, speakers, presenters, and educators in various positions sharing, requesting, and using the images I create. The medical and business world additionally are sharing the images as this all is an extremely mind-boggling and very humbling experience for me. Alone, or in collaboration with authors or presenters, I share innovation, empathy, strategies, motivation, collaboration, celebration, and hopefully inspiration with the education world globally. The experience has been phenomenal. I hope to continue to share images and information in a way that lifts up, supports, and encourages educators as we all work collectively and collaboratively to empower and inspire our students toward greatness. If we go beyond connecting to collaborating, I believe we can reach our students in ways that truly make a positive impact on them. In my photo, I’m pictured with my good friend, Dolly. That’s intentional. Dolly and I work at different schools on different sides of town but are connected in oh, so many ways! I’m in stripes, she is cuter, but my educator bio wouldn’t be complete without Dolly by my side. Thank you again for this phenomenal invitation to participate. I’m truly honored.