Jeff Melkert


I have been teaching for 20 years and in just two schools, both small country schools and I am passionate about kids learning skills that they will require in their future. I teach a multiage class who use iPads regularly in problem solving, collaborating and communicating their ideas. I use Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom. I would like to use Google Hangouts more to collaborate with other classes. I am looking forward to Google Expeditions being release on apple. My classroom has standup desks, couches, bean bags, a bank of computers and iPads. I am a regular attendee of teach-meet events and think twitter is a fantastic vehicle for professional learning. I am the lead teacher in our school for digital technologies and driving the push to implement the digital technologies curriculum. Some things I struggle with are finding time to get everything done and have a work/life balance and slow internet. I am also a passionate Richmond Tigers supporter.