Fiona Mackie


I can’t believe that I have been teaching for 20 + years; I still remember the days when the internet and an iPad were not even on the educational horizon and making podcasts, recording videos and uploading online quizzes was something unheard of. As cliche as it sounds, I am still absolutely passionate about motivating and encouraging students to do the best they can when they are in my HPE lessons. I try to provide opportunities where my students not only develop the fundamental skills necessary for movement and participating in sport; I also want them to develop the confidence in their own ability to be an active participant in life! We know that physical literacy is vitally important, it can impact on whether a child will continue to be physically active later in life so I always aim to make sure my students come away from a lesson feeling good about themselves, regardless of their skill level. I am also passionate about the integration of technology into all lessons. There are so many innovative and creative ways in which to teach students, it is impossible to not be excited about what I do.