Emily Clare


Technology is improving my practice by allowing me to connect with educators anytime, anywhere. I am inspired every day by the stories teachers and school leaders share on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Voxer. I also learn so many incredible ideas that I share with teachers in my own building. This sharing has created many enriched learning opportunities for students in my high school. For instance, last year I retweeted a story about a Food Truck Wars Project-Based Learning unit from a Culinary Arts teacher in Southern Oregon. Since I am on the other side of the country, knowing about her classroom unit was cool enough by itself. When a teacher from my school saw the Tweet, she took the idea and ran with it for her own students. Very soon after this retweet, her students were designing Food Truck logos and menus with signature dishes. The students then made these dishes for chefs from local restaurants, some of which ran their own food trucks. For this school year, our district is looking at how we can enhance this project by actually purchasing a food truck that our students will refurbish and run for our local community. How cool is that?