Corrie Barclay


From as early as I can remember my father always would bang on about being in a profession that you would be happy to wake up to each day and head off too. Teaching for me was that profession. Having been in the game now for 15 years it’s a safe bet to say I have learnt a thing or two about quite a few things as a matter of fact. The passion I have for helping others learn but also learn things myself drive who I am and what I do. I often say that teaching I believe is arguably the most diverse and at times difficult professional in the world and although that may seem a little outlandish, I stand by it. What I witness teachers go through on a daily basis is testament and evidence that they are the real superheroes of this world and if I can assist them and build their capacity to better even greater than great, well here I am! My passions in the classroom lie firmly in redesigning curriculum for current contexts and students having ownership within their learning.