Christina Polatajko


My passion is Health and Physical Education. I love to challenge my students with their thinking and learning and supporting them to achieve their personal best. As educators we never stop learning, you need to take risks to succeed. If I had to give one advice to all teachers it would be networking. Networking is very powerful and it benefits your teaching, learning and success. A few years back I never used ICT, however today I couldn’t imagine not incorporating any tech into my programs. I am a huge fan of ICT and I always try to think of ways to include ICT into my programs. Using ICT provides high quality learning and enables my students to get out of their comfort zone. I use flipped learning in my teaching, which gives my students a head start with their learning and success. I have seen great benefits using flipped learning for my students. My advice for this, give it a go, this may make a huge difference with your student knowledge, learning and engagement. I am a part of the Aussie PhysEd group, which communicates every day on a professional level. This group challenges us is many ways and therefore allows us to further develop our teaching and learning. I have the greatest job and my passion and motivation continues to grow everyday.