Cathy Hunt


I’m Cathy Hunt, a teacher/learner best described as ‘the creative type’ (whatever that means!).

If you pushed me to put a label what I do, which is not easy, I’d say I’m a Visual Arts teacher at The St Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast, and an advocate arts-learning and the innovative integration of technology in education.

While I’ve been fortunate to travel the world talking about reimagining education with ‘art at the heART’, and developing cross-curricular programs for students that combine hands-on, tactile and collaborative ways of working with mobile devices, I wish I didn’t have to. Although creativity is a buzz word in many school settings, we’ve got some serious work to do in providing pedagogical approaches to learning that achieve this goal. Until then, you’ll find me writing, blogging and speaking somewhere around the world, because sharing the stories of our student’s successes is where I think we’ll make progress.