Brooke Clayton


I am an enthusiastic educator out to inspire a love of learning and to help school communities develop a culture of positivity and growth. I am currently a PYP Coordinator in a large co-educational independent school. In addition I am an International Baccalaureate workshop leader and visiting team member within the Asia Pacific region. I love the excitement that my role brings, working with both teachers and students to improve teaching and learning practices. I am motivated by the delight on a person’s face when they ‘get something’ for the first time or realise the progress they have made.

I became a teacher because I myself find learning invigorating. I wanted to guide students in their search to find their passion and to build their curiosity about the world them. I also hoped to scaffold their learning so that they would experience success and develop a sense of self-efficacy.

I see technology as integral to the world of today (and tomorrow) and as a tool for learning and creating. I enjoy the ability to connect with others’ ideas online and the opportunity to bring the ‘outside world’ into the classroom through applications such as Google Hangouts and Twitter. Outside of education I relish the chance to read, work on cryptic crosswords and do yoga.