InstagramProfessional Learning Network
February 13, 2018

Connecting to the Teaching Community Through Instagram

written by Laura Poole @laurajpoole To find out more about Laura, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community.   I initially stumbled into the teaching world of Instagram because I was seeking inspiration. I had been teaching for nine years and, although I still enjoyed working with my students everyday,…
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rube goldberg
InnovationMakerEdRube GoldbergSTEM
October 29, 2017

Creating and Making Through Rube Goldberg Machines

written by James Colbert @jcolbert1980 To find out more about James, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community.   “The role of the teacher is to create conditions for invention rather than provide ready made knowledge” - Seymour Papert In the maker-centred classroom sometimes we can get caught up with the…
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August 16, 2017

10 Chrome Extensions to Support Student Learning

written by Corey Aylen @coreyaylen   Installing extensions to Google Chrome adds amazing functionality to the browser. This allows users to personalise Chrome to suit their needs. The Chrome Web Store has thousands of extensions on offer for you to customise the browser. To help support students to become familiar…
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August 10, 2017

Thinking Geo-metri-cally-mentally!

written by Cathy Hunt @art_cathyhunt   Thanks for joining me for Teach Tech Play Episode 32! While my presentation focused on arts-rich learning experiences that presented opportunities for students to grapple with geometric shapes, there were lots of ideas for diving deeply into layers, size and scale, tessellations…
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its called education
July 30, 2017

It’s Called Education

written by Matt Dillon @IolaniLSFabLab Under the umbrella of education, you can find numerous theories, pedagogies, practices, etc. Today we hear these terms: “growth mindset”, “project-based learning”, and “design thinking”. What about the basics? Of course, there is still the need to teach the 3 Rs...reading, writing and…
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July 23, 2017

Space School

written by Trevor Knowlton @trevor_know To find out more about Trevor, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community.   I was 9 years old when the first space shuttle was launched and I remember as a kid my favourite toy was the Fisher-Price Alpha Probe.  Like many kids…
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Taking Makedo to the Classroom
June 25, 2017

Taking Makedo to the Classroom

written by Trent Ray @ray_trent To find out more about Trent, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay Community.   I was recently introduced to a nifty Aussie innovation called MakeDo. Makedo is a cardboard construction system designed for creating, making and play where students are provided with MakeDo…
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Evaluating Apps for Learning
May 23, 2017

Evaluating Apps for Learning

written by Dean Pearman @deanpearman To find out more about Dean, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community.     Technology integration isn’t about the app or device but more about how aspects of knowledge come together to enhance learning. To truly use technology well to impact learning; You need…
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Drones Edu
May 21, 2017

Drone Coding in Education

written by Benjamin Lannen @bjlannen To find out more about Ben, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community. Coding in education is increasing in popularity as is the requirement to teach 21st century skills, computational thinking and digital understanding. A resource and device that has proven to both effective and…
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5 P's Board Game
Digital CitizenshipPrimary
May 15, 2017

5 P’s to a Positive Digital Footprint Board Game

Eleni Kyritsis @misskyritsis Empowering students to make positive decisions online is critical to their development. To support this I display the 5 P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint image I created in my class, referring to this regularly during the school year. Displaying this image is a great first step…
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