Ben Procter


I was first introduced to teaching because of my enjoyment with working with young people. It has since grown into an ever changing fascination with learning, anthropology and educational philosophy. I have an enjoyable role (Year 1) in an excellent school and am very fortunate to also work with like-minded educators. My philosophy always changes, so for now I am talking less and asking students to do more. I have always believed that they (students) know much more they we can realise so why not empower them to embrace their true selves and create the paradigm rather than follow it. Understanding a creative or logical process, or combining creativity with logic is what I love and is what I teach my students. Technology definitely enhances the method in how the class is run. Using Seesaw to share our work, Adobe Spark to voice and illustrate our ideas, using QR codes to stem student curiosity or contributing to Twitter chats to increase my knowledge. LED lights, Ozobots… It’s all amazing! It will be incredible to see how this time in humanity develops and evolves our future.