Anissa Sims


For me, nothing beats being in the classroom working with my students. I use a variety of tools, such as Makey Makeys, Spheros/Ollies and GAFE to supplement my teaching. My motto is – if it’s not fun, we don’t do it.

I love to work with my students, focusing on critical and computational thinking skills rather than the old chalk and talk. I’ve been told my passion for ICT and GAFE is infectious and I am always looking for ways to enhance my students learning.

My school is new to the GAFE world so I have spent my time so far sharing what tools have worked in my own classroom and up-skilling staff and students alike. To supplement teacher engagement, as of 2017 I will have created our ‘Sparkies’ Digital Leaders for the Middle School. These students will assist staff and their peers in BYOD and the GAFE space as well as supporting our upper primary ICT program.