Alice Vigors


My classroom is forever evolving. It is a place where collaboration, creativity, deep thinking, justification and reflection are at the core of what we do. Digital technology is an instrumental tool that helps to support and enhance the teaching and learning that occurs in my classroom and across the school, which is why I hold the role of ICLT Coordinator. I am passionate about providing deep and meaningful learning to the students at my school and supporting and coaching my colleagues to do the same. This year I add Thinking Pathways Coordinator to my role. My school is embarking on establishing a culture of making thinking visible and I am at the forefront leading the way, modelling for colleagues and coaching them throughout the journey. When thinking is visible, learners are in the position to be more metacognitive – to think about their learning. When learning is visible and valued it becomes clear that it’s not just about surface level learning (memorising facts and content); but it is about deep learning, fostering strong connections and exploring ideas.