its called education
July 30, 2017

It’s Called Education

written by Matt Dillon @IolaniLSFabLab Under the umbrella of education, you can find numerous theories, pedagogies, practices, etc. Today we hear these terms: “growth mindset”, “project-based learning”, and “design thinking”. What about the basics? Of course, there is still the need to teach the 3 Rs...reading, writing and…
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Taking Makedo to the Classroom
June 25, 2017

Taking Makedo to the Classroom

written by Trent Ray @ray_trent To find out more about Trent, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay Community.   I was recently introduced to a nifty Aussie innovation called MakeDo. Makedo is a cardboard construction system designed for creating, making and play where students are provided with MakeDo…
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