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May 20, 2018

Linking Literature & Technology

written by Jackie Child @jackie_child To find out more about Jackie, visit her profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community. *This post first appeared on Jackie's blog Tinkering Child. I was honoured to be invited to present on TeachTechPlay Webshow Episode 39, by Eleni Kyritsis. I decided to share some of the things…
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InnovationMakerEdRube GoldbergSTEM
October 29, 2017

Creating and Making Through Rube Goldberg Machines

written by James Colbert @jcolbert1980 To find out more about James, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay community.   “The role of the teacher is to create conditions for invention rather than provide ready made knowledge” - Seymour Papert In the maker-centred classroom sometimes we can get caught up with the…
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July 30, 2017

It’s Called Education

written by Matt Dillon @IolaniLSFabLab Under the umbrella of education, you can find numerous theories, pedagogies, practices, etc. Today we hear these terms: “growth mindset”, “project-based learning”, and “design thinking”. What about the basics? Of course, there is still the need to teach the 3 Rs...reading, writing and…
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June 25, 2017

Taking Makedo to the Classroom

written by Trent Ray @ray_trent To find out more about Trent, visit his profile in the Educator of TeachTechPlay Community.   I was recently introduced to a nifty Aussie innovation called MakeDo. Makedo is a cardboard construction system designed for creating, making and play where students are provided with MakeDo…
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